Unveiling a Naturist Lifestyle: Breaking Stigmas and Finding Freedom

Twelve minute Youtube video by Francesca Bliss:


Katie Ospina who lives in Sunsport Gardens Family Naturist Resort talks about how she came to live a nudist lifestyle, its pros and cons and her journey with body acceptance. An important topic she touches on is challenging societal norms and finding freedom in your body. Katie has a sincere and authentic sharing style and so much wisdom!


  • 0:00 How did you come to live a nudist lifestyle?
  • 1:47 Pros and cons of living nude
  • 3:40 Clothes as a micro climate
  • 5:00 First experience with social nudity
  • 6:31 “We are all unique and we are all perfect”
  • 7:30 Katie’s relationship with her body
  • 10:16 Beautiful nature in Sunsport Gardens Naturist Resort