Many members commute to Pine Tree to visit for the day or camp over the weekend. However, a large percentage of eligible members choose to lease a lot and setup a part-time residence at the club.

Scroll below to see several examples of our member’s residences …

Leasing a lot makes it convenient to enjoy the club facilities year round and not have to drive home to your primary residence at the end of the day!

Pine Tree features over one hundred lots for lease to full members of the club. Lease holders can spend up to 180 overnights out of 365 at Pine Tree.

Leasing a lot is an attractive option for snowbirds who spend the winters in the southern states and return north for the summer months.

Lease holders can construct small cottages and park travel trailers on their lots. Over the years, trailer owners have added features like covered decks and additional living space.

Each lot has electricity provided by Baltimore Gas & Electric and water service is provided by the club. In addition, outside vendors can be contracted to provide: propane delivery, cable TV, Internet access and septic service.

Pine Tree has an architectural committee to assist with building rules and regulations. Check with the Pine Tree office to learn more about lot-leasing requirements for members.

Existing residences are also offered for sale on occasion. Our office can provide a list of available lots, and lots with trailers and cottages for sale.