Club History

In the early 1930’s several people from the Baltimore/Washington, D.C. area got together to share a common interest. They enjoyed recreational nudity with their family and friends. At that time they were very much a “secret society.”

The Pine Tree farmhouse in the early 1960's.
The old farmhouse.

Part of the group was a family named Keyes. The Keyes family had a farm just north of Annapolis, Maryland they shared with their nudist friends. Everyone pitched in and helped turn the farm into their private nudist camp. In those days there were not many nudist camps available in the United States. Fear of the law caused the members of this group to keep a low profile. For several years the group members met at the Keyes farm to enjoy nude sunbathing and swimming in the pond at the bottom of the hill. As time went by the old farmhouse was turned into a clubhouse. The members decided to change the name of the farm to Pine Tree.

An old photo of a volleyball game at Pine Tree. (Year unkown.)
Volleyball court in the early days of the club.
The old shuffle board court at Pine Tree.
Shuffleboard was once a popular sport at Pine Tree.

Membership grew gradually and so did the camp. A “home-made” swimming pool, with a tar paper lined bottom, replaced the pond. A sunning area was set up. Pine Tree was on its way to becoming a well established Nudist Club. In 1934 when a national Nudist association was formed, Pine Tree became its charter member. The association was called “the American Sunbathing Association”. (Known as ASA).  Pine Tree is a strong supporter of the ASA (now known as the American Association for Nude Recreation, AANR) and AANR East. Members have served both of these fine organizations.

Pine Tree members having fun in the early 1970's.
Pine Tree fair in the 1960’s.

In October of 1958 the Keyes family turned the property over to the membership. A cooperative was formed and called Pine Tree Associates, Inc. Members purchased bonds which gave them a financial and voting interest in the club.

ASA Convention at Pine Tree in 1976.
The American Sun Association convention at Pine Tree in 1976.

Today, Pine Tree has grown to a population of over 500 members. Some are even second and third generation. With a strong “family” atmosphere, it is one of the finest nudist clubs in the USA.