It’s okay to be insecure about your nudity

“We, the nudists, feel like being nude is the most normal thing to do. It’s our natural state of being, it’s how we were born. For us, nudity is nothing to be ashamed about, getting undressed among others is not something we have to give a second thought. It’s one of the best feelings we know.

So we try to pass our knowledge to the others, always with the best intentions, but rarely realize how confident we appear to be. And sometimes this has a counterproductive effect. Just because we look so confident, the other feels even more insecure and is even more reluctant to join us.”

Read the full article at the Naked Wanderings website. The creators of the website are Nick and Lins, a 30-something naturist couple, who full time travel around the world in search for the best places to get naked and to learn more about naturism and nudism: