Full Membership

Full members are owners in the club and have the rights and privileges associated with it. As a full member, you pay no daily grounds fees, and you’ll receive a gate card that enables you to come and go in and out of the club as you please.


By purchasing a $100 redeemable bond, a full member becomes a bondholder and a voting member of the club. The purchase of a bond also allows a full member to lease a lot or rent a seasonal site in the campground. While you have the option of purchasing the bond your first year in order to lease a lot, all full members are required to purchase at least one bond at the time they renew their membership for the second year. Full members may buy additional bonds at any time.

Annual Work Fee

Full members pay an annual work fee, which is reimbursed after 15 hours of time spent working on any of a variety of different small tasks around the club. For example a member may choose to host a dance, help clean up the facilities, participate in a committe or tend a garden.