Dos And Don’ts Of Your First Nakation

Nude vacations are the most stress-free and relaxing times you can have. But, like any vacation, it takes planning and knowledge of what to expect and how to behave. The website has published ten tips to make your first nakation enjoyable and relaxing whether visiting Pine Tree or any nudist club or resort:

1. Do Pack The One Naturist Essential Item: A Towel

2. Do Bring Lots of Sunscreen

3. Do Wear A Hat

4. Do Invest In A Pareo Or Sarong

5. Do Bring A Bag Or Small Rucksack …

To see the rest of the list please visit the website. The article includes a few “what-not-to-do” items as well. Enjoy!

Nakation photo at an indoor pool.
Always sit on a towel!